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Our mission at Family Focused ABA is to provide clients and caregivers with the support they need through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA utilizes research based methods to teach new skills, increase independence, and decrease challenging behavior. Among other things, ABA can be used to teach communication, decrease food selectivity or other behaviors that impede learning or cause safety concerns, and increase social and play skills, .



Mary McDermott is a BCBA and co-founder of Family Focused ABA and has been in this field since 2011. She has worked for 3 different residential facilities where she provided support for children and adults with autism. She attended the University of Delaware for her undergraduate degree in psychology and earned a master's degree from Endicott College, Van Loan School.

Bridget Keough is a BCBA and the co-founder of Family Focused ABA. She has been in the field since 2009, providing ABA services to children and adults in schools, client homes, and residential facilities. Bridget received a bachelor's degree in psychology from Villanova University, and a master's degree in Education with a concentration in ABA from Temple University.

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